Posted by: laurenschaaf15cnuedu | January 11, 2018

Women: Then and Now

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren from Minnesota as seems to be my 1 notable quality.

I’m really enjoying this class. I think it offers some really different ideas and opinions that I don’t tend to think about so I’m excited to keep debating and discussing. One of the most interesting things that I took away from class on Wednesday was how different our parents and grandparents generations are. Often, I am ungrateful for  how far we have come in our society in including, respecting, and promoting women in their personal and career choices. It made me excited that the next generation of children may seem even more progress in the next 20 years between us and our parents. It’s difficult for me to see the change since I have only experienced this current society and still see many injustices that need changing and I tend to focus on shortcomings.


  1. Our perspective definitely has been morphed through a more unconventional outlook based on the shifting of societal norms on what is classified as accepted and tolerated in today’s day and age!

  2. Despite the recent tabloid stories about sexual harassment, I completely agree that the US is very advanced when it comes to respecting women and their rights. I never truly noticed this until I studied abroad in Costa Rica. I was baffled at how many cat-calls I got on the street; I also noticed that all of my local male friends were shocked and a bit offended when they learned I wanted to have a career before even considering a family.
    Both generations and locations can make a huge difference in the advancement of women in leadership…I am proud to be part of a country where so many people are dedicated to the cause.

  3. I feel that, since the beginning revolutionary movements for civil rights in the twentieth century, there have been significant generational changes within American society. I can’t imagine the freedoms that the next generation of women will enjoy.

  4. I as well found it incredible how far each succeeding generation of women has come in life. For my great grandmother it was extremely important that she married a good husband to support her. My grandmother got her driver’s license when she was in her 30’s. My mother broke this trend who got her first job at 15 and moved out of the house of 17. She was the first member of her family to attend college, and started working for Phillip Morris Australia and got a internship and later a permanent job in New York working for Phillip Morris international all while being in her early to mid 20s. I never really put into perspective how difficult it was being a single women and the prejudices she faced until I read more about how difficulties about being a women leader (Eagly & Carli – CH.7).

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