Posted by: Emily Carrancho | January 12, 2018

Test Post

Hello everyone!

I am very excited about this class because it allows for conversations and different opinions and ideas to flow so that we can learn more about leadership and affect of gender-especially women. This class will definitely take me out of my comfort zone into my “challenge” zone learning and  discussing differences, perceptions, styles, experiences and expectations of women and leadership throughout history to the present.

I’m interested to see how we analyze the evolution of the woman because I can definitely see a change between how they held themselves. From being inferior to men due to the societal norms and downplaying their hard work and accomplishments to becoming more confident to credit themselves and say “Yes, I did that and I worked hard for it.” In addition, to fighting for those who can’t speak up and show their true ability to make their ideas into reality.

Here’s to learning from each other!




  1. I am also glad to be in a very diverse class in which we can discuss, confront, and build up on topic with our different backgrounds and opinions. Speaking on your note that women are more confident to credit themselves, actually started to begin with the influence of the third wave of feminism. Intersectionality and individuality became to interplay in women’s lives and then intersects into their leadership. From where we are now, it will be exciting to see where we will go.

  2. I love your thought process here when it comes to “learning from each other.” I believe the best learning is exactly that, learning from peers. I hope this class does push you to think more and out of your comfort zone, because that is where growth occurs!

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