Posted by: Karese Kaw-uh | January 13, 2018

The Path Less Travelled

I guess I shall begin with the usual greetings.  I am truly excited for this class, especially to have the opportunity to learn about the history of women’s rights, and how we, as future leaders, can help shape the future.  This is my first class with the leadership department, and I look forward to the new perspectives this class offers.

Ever since our first homework assignment, I have become more interested in my family’s history in relation to women and leadership.  My extended family has kept many records of our own history.  It’s one thing to read books and other texts about history, but to actually be able to go in-depth with personal family history is a whole new database of knowledge, and it’s as if I am taking a step in time to travel the path of history.  It makes this class more personal to be encouraged to explore more about the women in my family, and I am excited to learn!


  1. I agree, it was so interesting to see difference perspectives and experiences that our previous generations had gone through. Some of the history could be cultural differences or no matter where they were located the same ideas were upheld. When I did the assignment and I reached out to my grandmother; it was so interesting to hear what she went through as a woman and the fact she was forced by her own mom-my great grandmother-to drop out of high school. This compared to my aunt on the other side who became a math teacher and went through life ignoring any negative comments she heard because she was doing what she loved. I am also excited to travel through time in that manner and really learn and become more connected.

  2. I also enjoyed the personal connection I found in last week’s assignment! I’m excited to continue to explore this topic.

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