Posted by: viviannaatkins | January 15, 2018

Evolution of Cultural Norms

Hello everyone!  I am Anna and excited to be in this class with all of y’all!

Throughout history, “women” and “leadership” are terms that are often considered contradictory. Men tended to dominate society and subject women to restricting conditions with solely supportive roles. In modern day, however, the glass ceiling that held as the barrier between the genders has shattered. Through difficult and diverse trials, women today are able to hold power. While authority and leadership are correlated with masculinity, women can get this power if they are willing to accept the questions and prejudice that come when women want to break free of the cultural norm. As society progresses, I hope that women and men alike will be able to break from this stigma and truly be equals. With an evolve culture, hopefully ethics will evolve too.


  1. Hey Anna! Glad to have you in this class! I like that you made a reference to the glass ceiling being shattered because I definitely feel the same way especially after reading one of our assigned readings for last week that explained that we are far passed the glass ceiling and now onto another problem – the labyrinth (symbolic for the series of complexities, detours, dead ends and unusual paths women face). I think its important to accurately recognize were women stand in order to make change, and I think this is a good start.

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