Posted by: amandadegs | January 15, 2018

It’s Not Enough

Women that hold leadership positions often have had to figure out the “correct” way. Women are known for being helpful and caring. According to Eagly and Carli, men are more commonly recognized for their helpful behaviors, even if both male and female workers are being helpful. This does not seem equal. Later in the article “Do People Resist Women’s Leadership,” it is stated that women are penalized for acting like a man because neither the men or women in the workplace enjoy the behavior. This led me to research more on the topic of women in the workplace. There was an article called “10 Commandments for Women in Leadership.” Just the title intrigued me to learn more about it because it seems so unnecessary for women to have to closely watch their behavior. The first commandment listed says “Hard work and excellence is important but they’re not enough.” This quote shows that women have to work harder while going above and beyond to show their leadership ability.


  1. well said

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