Posted by: Hannah Hill | January 15, 2018

What defines a hero?

One interesting topic that was brought up in class and really stood out to me was the concept of what makes a women a hero. Last class, my group discussed our different definitions of what a hero is to us and not shockingly we all had pretty different opinions. To one person in my group a hero was described as someone who made such a difference that she was remembered for years to come as a sort of “famous figure”. This was completely understandable to me because most hero figures are talked about in historical readings and are known by almost everyone. Another person in my group described a leader as someone who isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone to fix a problem that they believe is necessary for a big group of people. We also discussed how heroes might not always be discussed by countless amounts of people but that doesn’t mean they didn’t change the lives of those around them. I think of a hero as someone who betters the life of another person through challenging decisions, this could be changing the lives of thousands of people or even just one. As we have discussed in this class many times, sometimes we as humans are afraid of differences and we have to learn to embrace them!


  1. I agree that a hero has many different meanings. What stands out to me the most is that a hero changes the life of an individual for the better. Heros could be someone super influential or someone who helped make a decision, easy or difficult. If the decision is really taking a toll on the individual, then the person helping would definitely be considered a hero.

  2. A hero can be seen through many different lenses on how they influence those around them. Recognizing how the definition of a leader and definition of a superhero are different to everyone. This further proves that everyone has a different voice and opinion on topics. Heroes are normally portrayed as leaders and they are those that are making the big decisions for the betterment of the masses

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