Posted by: dgregory24 | January 15, 2018

Women in the restaurant business

Over the summer I work as a waiter in Ocean City Maryland. In my work place I was the only male server, the other men were either bartenders or bussers. being the only male server was somewhat eye opening. I was among college aged women but at the end of the night I would walk away some nights with less tips than the women some nights. This was not because I was a bad server, I was actually one of our top 3 best, and if you have ever worked in a restaurant than you would know that the only money you make is in tips. What I found was if some nights were busy they would put our 20 year old female servers in the bar due to probability of drunk men coming in and spending more money, because they would want to stay longer and flirt with them. I eventually worked my way into the bar area when I started proving that I could do just as well. Point is I was not placed in the most profitable areas at first because I was a guy.


  1. That is a great observation! It was probably discouraging for you knowing you had more to offer as far as your effectiveness as a waiter, but not getting the opportunity to show it. I wonder how the women felt being put in that position knowing they were placed at the bar because men were going to hit on them resulting in the restaurant making more money. I wonder if they felt degraded or if they were fine with it because of the extra tips they got.

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