Posted by: rachelkingle | January 15, 2018

Women’s Solidarity

*Warning I mention sexual assault below*

In the worksheet we got for class, one question was about how we respond differently to female leaders. The first scenario that came to mind was that if I needed help, and I had two leaders equal in every way besides their gender, I would without a thought go to the female leader over the male. When I tried to justify why I’d go to her, I wrote “because I’m a woman and she’s a woman.”

One thing I like about being a woman is the solidarity that lots of us seem to have with each other. It’s not universal among social status or class differences, but among plenty of women there’s a sense that we should look out for each other, even strangers.

For example, a female journalist for 60 Minutes named Lara Logan was reporting on people flooding the streets with the overthrow of a dictator in Cairo. She was with her translator in tight crowd of (mostly) men, and a group of them started stripping and touching her. She was saved form the rape by a group of women, covered head to toe in burkas, who basically pulled her into their fold and surrounded her. I thought that was a powerful example of female solidarity that transcends cultures.

I hope we can talk about it in class. I want to hear if you guys feel the same (or not).


  1. I have thought about this topic a lot as well! When I am put in a situation like you mentioned I definitely tend to flock to women as well. In my thought process I am usually thinking “oh they must have similar opinions as me and would understand what I am going through more.”

  2. This post made me think about women coming together for a support system. We tend to think women will be more caring and helpful with whatever our situation. Typically, women are great at comforting, while men are great at protecting. Both of these qualities come in handy during certain situations, but it doesn’t mean that just one gender can be the comforting one or the protective one. Men and women can be both.

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