Posted by: joshlaw15 | January 17, 2018


Hey guys! This is my initial post which is a little late, but better than never!

Every time I leave the gym, I make an effort to say have a good night or thank you to the people who are working at the front desk. Last night while I was leaving the gym there were two girls sitting behind the desk at the front. Like always, I say “have a good night guys”. Shortly after saying “guys” I came into realization of what I was saying. They weren’t guys, they were girls. So I began to question why, in our society, do we more comfortably say “guys” when addressing a group of people even if they are mostly comprised of girls? Does this offend girls or am I just overthinking?


  1. This is a very interesting point, and one that I have been also thinking about recently. I also say guys as a generalization, especially to a mixed gender group. But what if a group is composed of just women? I feel weird saying “great job girls!” or “have a great night girls!” because it doesn’t feel as natural and I’m scared I’m offending them. Especially in this progressive era, I don’t know if women prefer to be considered the same as men or not. I know women enjoy partaking in more masculine things now (army, intense sports, etc), so can we treat them the same as men? Maybe context matters also. I would like to know what women think on this matter.

  2. That’s really interesting, but I’m now realizing how often I say this. Personally, I don’t feel offended when someone calls me “guys”, “dude”, or “man”. I agree with levenstein on the topic of not wanting to offend others. I feel that it may be seen as offensive to deliberately make the distinction of saying “girls” and it may have something to do with how progressive people are becoming. There’s no longer a need to make that distinction perhaps. However, it is a good point because I would never see a group of men and instinctively say “Hey girls” because I feel that would be seen as offensive.

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