Posted by: hannahcroyle | January 13, 2019

The Future of Women and Leadership

After reading the Wilson introduction, something I have been thinking about regarding women and leadership is the balance that must occur between men and women in leadership positions. The successful future of our country, in my opinion, will be effective when there is an equal amount of support for men and women in positions of power. In order to work cohesively, men and women must moderate the influence of one another’s role, eliminating the practicality of authority becoming too feminine or too masculine. Just like in a successful marriage, it is important for both sides to work together, balancing out each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and collectively making decisions. As more women rise to leadership roles, the overall balance of ideas, with communication across the board between men and women, will guide our nation to a healthy mixture of thoughts and decisions.


  1. I completely agree. I think you’re right about the success of our country being dependent on equality between genders in positions of power. Reading those articles was very eye-opening because I had no idea that such inequality existed when it comes to leadership positions and gender. I think it’s so important that women (and men too) stand up for themselves and fight for equality until this imbalance disappears.

  2. You make a really good point that the success of our country lies within the equality of genders. When reading these articles it’s like I think I know how much of a difference there is between men and women in leadership positions, but then when I actually see the numbers and percentages, it really shows how much I did not know. It was interesting to read about the comparison to different countries and how they handle the inequality of gender in leadership positions. I think considering trying to apply other countries plans to our own might help with the inequality and lead to a little more success as a country.

  3. This is something I always think about when it comes to the idea of feminism in our country today. I think sometimes it can take the role of shaming men instead of trying to lift up women or fight for women’s equality and equity. Women are always going to encounter men either in their personal or professional life so trying to find that balance between men and women is important for effectiveness with women in leadership.

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