Posted by: madelinebelangercnu | January 13, 2019

Where Responsibility Lies

As of late, I’ve been putting some thought into where responsibility lies when talking about differences in gender. Whether it be the pay gap or lack of professional opportunities, I feel like women and men share the responsibility to make improvements. I see this attitude reflected when it comes to race; the group that’s in power (white people) have a responsibility to speak out against injustices against those not in power (people of color) to even the playing field. This concept applies to gender as well. While incredibly strong women have made amazing strides for women’s rights and equality, in order for even more progress to be made I feel that men in powerful positions share the responsibility to participate and engage in conversations that help solve the problem.


  1. I completely agree with you on this point – it somewhat mirrors the article by Wilson from the reading for class that stated that it is time to equity of men and women, in leadership roles and more. Areas that are typically female-dominated are in need of increased male perspective, while the same is true to male-dominated fields. By men in powerful leadership positions leaving room for equal input from women, previously unresolved issues could likely be corrected in ways that are beneficial to both.

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