Posted by: jordanhayes96 | January 14, 2019

Baby Bust

I saw recently that millennials aren’t having enough babies to keep up with the generation before them. This got me thinking about how in class we were talking about how women are now getting full-time jobs, instead of just staying home with the kids. Some women are not wanting a family ever or just they want a family later in life, because they want to focus on their career and succeeding in the work world. I personally think it is the woman’s decision on how she wants to live her life and some women just do not want kids, which is okay. I think we are so caught up in the traditional idea of being married by this age and having kids by this age, that I think it is bold and impressive that in todays world we are starting to be different and realize we don’t have to follow that guideline. However, this topic has blown up on social media with multiple opinions. How do you feel? Does it matter that millennials aren’t having enough kids?


  1. I completely agree with what you said about how our society gets caught up in “I want to get married by this age and have kids by this age.” While it is becoming more accepted for women not to want children or solely focus on attaining the career they are pursuing, it still fascinates me how many women find comfort in the traditional woman/mother role. In my opinion, I do not think it matters that millennials are not having enough children in comparison to past years, because I still think that the majority of woman are having children and getting married, so the “baby bust” should not be serious enough to cause upsets in society.

  2. I completely agree that society puts so much unfair pressure on women to have children. I do believe women should have the right to not have children and not be shamed for that. I hope the women who do want to take on the traditional role of getting married, having kids, and being a caretaker are not shamed for “conforming to society”. Again, women should have the complete choice of which path they want to take.

  3. I do not think it matters if someone wants kids or doesn’t want kids. But society, especially the older generations, put a stigma around women not wanting kids, thinking they are not “woman” enough (whatever that means) or that they are somehow missing out on an important aspect in life. I don’t think having a kid is a necessary fulfillment women must have. You can have kids fulfill a spot in your life without them being your own like becoming a teacher or being an aunt/uncle, if that is important to you. But especially in today’s generation, where we are so much more aware of how many kids there are out there with bad situations, I do not think we want to contribute to that any further. So some people are adopting more and not having their own kids or waiting to have kids until they are in a more financially stable position to better take care of their children and their future. This is a very heavy and great topic and I’m so glad you brought it up!

  4. I was thinking of posting something similar to this because I agree. I feel like women are always forced to choose between wanting a career and wanting to have a family. It shouldn’t matter if one women decides she wants a career more than a family or vice versa but it is so sad that other women will still shame the ones that don’t want to have kids and want a career instead because they see it as being selfish. Everyone should have a choice of what they want to do with their lives and they shouldn’t have the societal pressures of doing one thing over the other.

  5. I completely agree that it is a women’s choice if she wants to raise a large family or not. I also think it’s important to note that times have changed in regards to what the general public feel about having a large family. Many people are pursuing graduate degrees or doctorates, and given those opportunities, females may not have the time to have a large family. In my personal opinion, I think religion also has something to do with it. As time goes by, society seems to stray away from traditional religious ideals, and while it was once seen as a women’s duty (both economically speaking as well as religiously) to produce a large family – take my example of being born into a large Catholic family – people are taking more liberties with their future even if it means not abiding by certain “rules”. But that’s the beauty of a progressive era, that we are not bound by any limitations whether it be economic, socially, or religiously.

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