Posted by: katherineransone | January 15, 2019

Changes in Women’s Leadership/Representation

After looking over the readings for this class period, it is interesting to see how some dynamics for women in leadership have changed even throughout the past few years. The article by Warner and Corley discussed how, in 2016, there were significant breakthroughs for women of color in Congress, even though the total number of women represented did not change. This past election cycle brought a large number of women, especially women of color, running for and being elected to positions within Congress and other powerful positions across the country. This goes to show that the feared decrease of women’s progress in a number of jobs and leadership positions may not be occurring as badly as believed by the authors. It seems as though many powerful women have been motivated by a lack of care for women’s issues from both the government and from other leaders, and are seeking to take the matter into their own hands. This is exemplified in the reading by Wilson, as she discusses that many issues have been marginalized due to their connection to women, and that now is the time to stop this from occurring.

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