Posted by: dickardnora | January 15, 2019

It’s okay if change is gradual!

After reading the chapters and articles for today’s class, I’ve been thinking about how often people point out that there aren’t as many women in leadership roles as there are men. It seems to be the topic of choice when talking about breaking the glass ceiling. I think that it is okay if it’s not 50% women leaders and 50% men leaders. Historically, it is new for women to be able to pursue their education and work their way up the corporate ladder. Thankfully, it is now possible for women to achieve those high level positions and has been done by many ambitious women. I do not think we should be shocked that it is not 50/50 right now. It is great that we have women in those higher level executive roles, but you can’t convince the entire female population overnight to pursue something they may not want. Many women are happy with being stay at home mothers or having lower level jobs. Other women want to to reach the top and pursue the highest level of achievement possible. It is all about personal choice so if right now, only 20% of women are CEO’s, we should be proud and accept it.


  1. You bring up a very great point! As mentioned in Shonda Rhimes’s speech, where we are today is the culmination of efforts of countless women before us. Reflecting on the efforts made thus far in female leadership advancement can be a powerful tool in motivating ourselves to work harder at becoming leaders within our own lives. This can give women an increased sense of focus when outlining personal and vocational goals in their life. And, yes, as you pointed out, personal choice is a great tool that today’s women have when determining career paths – something that should be very celebrated.

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