Posted by: jessmcdonnell | January 15, 2019

Stay At Home Mom Shaming

Adding this class last minute, I came into this discussion without many expectations or thoughts about the topic of women in leadership. After our conversation and readings thus far, I’ve started to think more about my views on this matter. Something that stood out to me was Betty Freidan’s book, The Feminine Mystique, and her views on women in leadership. She had very strong beliefs that women should be out of the house and be able to hold a professional job. While I believe that women should have the opportunity to get a job, even a leadership position, in a professional setting outside the home, women who choose to be a stay-at-home mother should be respected just the same. It would also be interesting to me to look into the leadership role a mother and wife has within a family and the more informal leadership positions women may have throughout their life. In the past women were pressured into staying home to be homemakers and now decades later are women being pressured into leaving home to work a job?


  1. I also felt this way, that “stay at home moms” were being somewhat shamed for choosing not to enter the workforce. I think that it is a very good thing that women are now more prominent in the workforce, but I think that the fight for that opportunity was a fight for women to choose to partake in that if they want to. Being a housemaker is equally as important, and women should be celebrated for making the choice to stay home just as they are celebrated for going out and working. Sometimes the choice to stay home is self-sacrificial, in that women might want to work but choose to stay home to raise a family, and I think instead of viewing that in a negative way (like our individualistic society might tend to do) we should respect that woman for being selfless and loving her family so much to do that. Women generally are naturally amazing homemakers and that should be celebrated.

  2. I agree that we should not be shaming women for deciding to be stay at home mothers. There are many women that stay at home until their children are school age, and then they go back to work. Everything is about personal preference and what you want for yourself/family. There are also stay at home dads, which on the flip side, we should not be shaming either.

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