Posted by: emilyschoka | January 15, 2019

“Women’s leadership gap”

I found the Warner and Corley reading to be very insightful in terms of the disparity in the relative proportions of women in leadership positions in the workforce and in government. I enjoyed looking at the actual statistics and numbers that they gave, and I thought it was interesting to compare the percent of women in different places to the percent of women who hold leadership positions in those places. For example, I was surprised to learn that women have out numbered men on college campuses since 1988, earning a significant number of law and medical degrees, but both of those fields are still largely dominated by men. I don’t have a problem with women being educated and choosing not to pursue a career in their field (and instead staying home or doing something else), but I was surprised to see the actual statistics of the proportion of women who hold a high position in their field/company in light of how many women are actually in that field/company. I think that when women choose to work, we should see that they are more accurately represented in leadership positions. I think this could be a hard thing to improve just because of traditions in the workforce, but I think that if women continue to be educated and if women share their success strategies with other women, the number of women in leadership positions can increase.

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