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Katelyn Ohashi

Katelyn Ohashi is a 21-year-old UCLA gymnast that got a perfect 10 score on her floor routine last Saturday in Anaheim, California. She performed a flawless routine that consisted of many flips, turns, fun dancing, and splits. The one split that she performed at the end has people fixated. The video of Ohashi’s routine obviously went viral, and most are happy for her, while others can’t see past how her crash-landing affects her lady parts.

“Katelyn Ohashi was all smiles but her routine was painful to watch as she put an unnatural amount of strain on one very sensitive body part,” groaned the Australian news site.

I know that it is human’s natural condition to feel what they are watching but some comments are way out of proportion. These elite athletes go through so much training, they have so much strength that their bodies can do what ours can’t. People should only be focused on how amazing she just performed that routine, instead of the little things. We talked about in class how women think they have to be perfect, and this is why. Even when her performance was actually perfect, people are stills picking out flaws. Reading this article just made me wonder if this situation would have happened to a guy. Ohashi truly put the fun in gymnastics, and that should be celebrated.


  1. Wow she is really amazing! I actually watched the video before reading your post and it’s funny because I didn’t think about anything besides the fact that her performance was truly incredible. Reading your post was interesting and also made me sad that those are the things people focus on instead of her flawless performance. I completely agree that this is why women feel they have to be perfect. Our society needs to start looking past stupid minuscule things like that and focus on the good, important things that actually matter. She probably spent so many hours preparing for that routine, and she absolutely crushed it. That’s all there is to it. It is really a shame that even witnessing a performance like this stirs those types of reactions in individuals. Thanks for sharing, that was so cool to watch!

  2. Great post! I had not seen that video before and I honestly was waiting for something bad to happen the whole video but was not even sure if I could tell what part you were talking about. I thought the performance was so lively and extremely impressive. It is really disappointing that criticism can be so harsh on athletes and especially females. Looking at statistics on body image, females really struggle with issues as strong serious as eating disorders. Many female athletes especially are prone to this due to outside pressures. Learning that a video of a talented female gymnast doing a routine cannot just be appreciated for the quality performance, but has to be torn down with negative criticism is extremely disappointing. I wonder as well if a man in a similar video would be torn down in the same way.

  3. It blows me away that people can be so critical about a performance as amazing and flawless as that one. I can’t even imagine the comments and criticism she would’ve gotten if she had made a mistake. She was absolutely incredible to watch and I loved how she also made it more fun by adding in dancing as well. It is so sad that there will always be people in the world who feel they always need to find something to critique even when the performance was clearly perfect because the judges gave her a perfect score. This is definitely an example of why women always feel the need to be perfect because they are under constant criticism for the smallest of things. Not to say men don’t get criticized for minuscule things as well because they do, but I also wonder if this same thing would happen to a man in that situation.

  4. I love watching gymnastics; it is absolutely incredible what their bodies can do and the massive amount of hard work they put into their training and routines to make them seem effortless. This routine reminds me of the movie, “Stick It”, where the gymnasts are all doing amazing work and still get deducted for the tiniest minute details, which must put massive strain on the girls performing these routines to be basically perfect. (I’d be interested to see a psychology study on the effects gymnastics has on self-esteem for girls and women.) One girl performed a routine and got deducted for having a bra strap show, even though she was flipping through the air! It amazes me how much pressure the girls are under because the judges and spectators are all convinced nothing they do can be perfect, even in a perfect routine. Perfection is something I think every girl strives for, on any scale. Some girls strive to look perfect and others strive to have perfect grades or a combination of both and many other things. Women are constantly trying to prove we are worth something more than what we’ve been valued as and as soon as we take a tiny misstep, the world knows.

  5. I have watched this video multiples times and never get tired of the energy she gives off during her routine. My first thought of her ending her pass in a split was focused on how impressive it was, not how painful it must have been. I do not understand that when someone can literally do a flawless routine and get a perfect score, someone still feels the need to criticize it. I understand the life of gymnastics, I have many friends who participated in it for most of their life, and with some aspects being similar to cheerleading, I can relate to knowing what it takes to be able to flip and tumble like she does. My roommate was a gymnast and I had to bring this article up to her because I wanted to see her reaction, and let’s just say mad is an understatement. Not only was her routine amazing this year, but even last year she received one if not two perfect scores on her floor routine, therefore this is not the first time she has wowed the world. In an interview I saw on Good Morning America, Katelyn talked about being body shamed as a kid and how her heart was no longer in gymnastics at one point, which is so sad to hear considering how amazing she truly is. Women strive so hard to reach perfection and yet even when they reach it, they still face criticism and hate. The need to prove that they are worthy and valued will always be something women feel, there’s no escaping it. Katelyn is an amazing athlete and deserves to be praised for her outstanding performance, leaving behind the negative comments. I really enjoyed this post, especially since it is so relatable and hits home for me.

  6. Awesome post! I saw this video on twitter when it first went viral and I have watched it many times since then, simply because it is SO good. It frustrates me to hear that people were focusing more on the fact that she is a woman rather than focusing on the fact that she performed a perfect, flawless routine. I truly wonder if a male gymnast would have been scrutinized in this way, and I’m assuming that he probably wouldn’t be. It reminds me a little bit of what we were talking about in class–might be a stretch–but about the double bind. While she may not be considered a “traditional” leader, she is kind of expected to fill two roles: incredible athlete and woman. Despite the fact that she is an amazing athlete, it is still pointed out that she is a woman

  7. Like a few of the other people who commented, I also saw this video when it went viral on twitter and watched it multiple times because she truly was AMAZING and definitely deserved a perfect score. Ironic that she was given a “perfect score” when your post talks about how women feel pressure to feel perfect and how even when she was “perfect” she still was criticized (or at least she wasn’t fully celebrated as she should have been). This reminds me of what we talked about in class about the first female professional referee in the NFL and how she received a lot of negative comments amidst the celebration of her accomplishments. I think since this video was so widely spread, there are bound to be some people who don’t appreciate it as much as she deserves. Obviously I have no way of knowing this for sure, but in my opinion I think that would probably also be the case if the gymnast was a man. I think this is more of a commentary on the fact that it was such a popular video than it is on the fact that she is a woman and did not receive exclusively celebratory feedback. I also think the comment made by the news site was probably not meant in a negative way, but more just light-hearted joking. But again, I don’t know that for sure. At the same time, I do agree with your frustration at the fact that she deserves only praise and appreciation for how hard she must have worked and how flawlessly she executed such an incredible routine. Especially considering other people’s comments about her fighting against body shaming and feeling the pressures of perfection. As an athlete, I can understand to some degree the pressure to perform and execute what you have worked so hard at and sacrificed so much for, and I think this is especially true for gymnasts because they have the added pressure of not only performing well, but also appearing flawless and having their every move scrutinized.

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