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Women in a Man’s World

“The glass ceiling keeps females locked in a paradigm where men hand out the permission slips to female progress.” -Heidi Dangelmeirer

While searching for a topic for my blog post, I came across an article with a title that stunned me : “Why Millennial Women Need to Stop ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling'”. I was shocked! I wanted to write about millennial women and some of the challenges we face, but I did not expect to be hit with something that told me to not keep pushing forward. When I read the article, I was pleasantly surprised at the path it took.

The article says that the workplace is still built for men and that women who continue to break the glass ceiling are perpetrating this notion that women must adapt to a workplace that was not built for us. The fact of the matter is that many men still do not see how hard it is for women or people of color or people of other identities rather than white, rich, privileged and male have a harder time in the workplace because it was not built with us in mind. I feel like while taking this class all of us have been knee deep in these issues, constantly thinking about them and how they may affect our daily lives, but not everyone out there has been exposed as much as we have to this phenomenon. Men are not terrible for creating this system, but many are still unaware of the hardships women face in the workplace with regards to leadership and representation. It is time for a change.

The article suggests that women, specifically millennial women and younger generations, reinvent the workplace. Instead of continuing to work under the system that was built for men, we reinvent it to include the needs and perspectives of all genders and races. By reinventing the workplace, we can encourage inclusivity and maximize people’s satisfaction at work because they are not held back by factors such as 9-to-5 schedules and shortened maternity leave (or a lack of paternity leave). I think this is a great way of thinking about the workplace, especially since we’ve been talking about how late night meetings and having a child can adversely affect women more than men in the workplace and could hold them back from achieving their highest leadership potential.

For me, I find this article extremely important to consider. I hope to one day open my own theater company and I want to make sure my employees feel comfortable and feel like they can reach their creative potential, without barriers like gender holding them back. With this new mindset of reinventing the workplace to reconstruct the male-dominated systems to work better for all genders, we can create a new era in the workplace where both men and women can thrive. Maybe more women leaders will come to fruition if we put in place systems that they can benefit from instead of keeping in place obstacles women must hurdle over in order to succeed the same way as men.

I’m eager to hear what you all have to say about this topic and the article. I would love to hear what methods you think could be helpful in implementing this new mindset. Are there systems in the workplace you’re already worried about overcoming that relate to your gender? How could you start reinventing the workplace now?


  1. I really enjoyed this piece of your blog/article – “Instead of continuing to work under the system that was built for men, we reinvent it to include the needs and perspectives of all genders and races.” I think we have focused on just the advances that are necessary for women in the workplace to have this greater opportunity for leadership (hence why we are in the class); however, there are also situations in today’s society that emphasize the workplace environment also needs improvements for individuals in other social groups. This could be based on race, sexuality, gender, age, etc. – all of these groups are in need of workplace improvements. Thus, by building a new system that allows for all of these groups to be represented, there would be a greater opportunity for success within the workplace.

    I honestly cannot think of ways this could be done at the moment. I think based off of the comments I left above, the starting point for every group would to have open conversations in the workplace that would allow for opinions to be heard. This would lead to businesses knowing what employees needed and then being able to implement different steps to actually be successful in these.

  2. I really liked the path this article took, because I too was surprised by the title that women need to stop breaking the glass ceiling. I think this brings us to a very fair point. Women have been trying for many years to push their ways through, accommodate to the male-dominated environment they are surrounded in and be successful. I agree, it is time for a change. This reinventing the workforce is a great idea, because it will allow for more diversity and acceptance of that diversity. I think it can start with companies pulling out their rules and regulations, and having an open discussion with their employees about what needs to be changed. Interviewing processes and hiring committees should be more inclusive, and I think the mentoring process for women or diverse individuals who may not fit in would be welcomed.

  3. A statement that the article made that stuck out to me was, “diverse teams are key for high-performing companies.” I really liked the notion you brought about reinvented the system of the workplace and I think by doing so, it would allow for more diverse teams to form, leading to more high-performing companies. Trying to figure out ways to challenge the current system and fix a problem that has been here for many years is not going to be easy; however, after what women have had to face over the years, there will be no issue finding determined women to lead this new system. From pushing through barriers and fighting to make their way to the top, it’s time for a change, one that all women can and should be involved in. Based on the recent post I made and agreeing with Hannah, I think starting with the hiring committee and making it a fair balance of gender, race, sexuality, etc. will begin the process of welcoming in a new system within the workplace. Going back to the statement from the article, diversity is a SUPER important component to businesses, therefore starting with making more diverse teams will allow for more inclusion and hopefully work satisfaction as well.

  4. This is a super interesting topic, and the article you attached is a really good read too. Based on the article, part of the problem remains with convincing men that gender inequality is still a prevalent issue that affects a lot of women. It’s easy to think that we’ve come a long way (which we have, to an extent) and believe that the gender issues that were a problem back in the day don’t affect women now. Unfortunately, this is not the case, based on what we’ve learned so far in our class this semester. Part of the solution lies with men, and their responsibility to acknowledge and help to fix the gender inequalities that remain. That might even be the first step in the process, so women no longer have to continue to break the glass ceiling.

  5. I really like the quote that you said at the beginning of millennial women needing to stop breaking the glass ceiling because it is perpetuating the stereotype that women do not belong in certain workplaces. As a male I think the biggest thing that companies can do is education. Like you said the men (most of them) that are in the workplace today are not responsible for this male dominated workplace but they are unaware of the hardships that women have to face today. Educating men on the hardships that women have to face is extremely important as I feel companies are not averse to change they just do not know where to change. Another extremely important thing to do to help women is open companies eyes to the benefits of women working for them. We have read so many articles this semester about the benefits of women in workplace and companies need to know that their profits will actually increase with diversity in the workplace. To me it comes down to education. I like to look at the more positive ideas and I truly think that companies will change they just need to know how.

  6. This is a very interesting topic. Looking back to some of the research I’ve done for assignments in this class, I recall reading about three types of men (when it comes to women in leadership). There are those that are agents for change and want to help women reach the top. There are men who agree that women have difficulties in the work place, but don’t say anything about it. And there are men who disagree that there are any inequalities and refuse to hear the women’s side of things. For the article, it might be those people and disagree and chose to be blind to these issues. By reinventing the workplace for everybody, such as creating a new culture that values work-life balance, it can benefit everybody instead of looking like the changes are just being made for women.

  7. This is a great contrast to many of the articles we have read and definitely brings a new perspective on the glass ceiling despite the fact if you believe it to be true or not. I think the claims made by the article are a little bold and unrealistic. We cannot simply ignore the workplace because it is male dominated because we need to come alongside men not necessarily start an entire new era. I think it is a great point to not just adapt and allow men to simply hand us “passes” to succeed but invent ways to create new environments that allow women to succeed whether that’s through tempered radicalism or other ways. Overall, the article was interesting and there are many great points to consider!

  8. I think this post and its ideas fit in well with a previous post discussing making male colleges our strategic allies. I do agree that if the culture and structure of a work place is not set up for women to succeed well as leaders then it is going to be miserable for the leaders who are trying to make it.The article you found brings up a very good point of having women reinvent the workplace. They can start by pushing for the initiatives they think are important, but that’s when I think forming alliances with men is important. If they are making up the workplace currently, you’re going to need them to comply in order to create change.

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