Posted by: thomashaymescnu | October 7, 2012

This last class…

This last class period, I learned of a theory with some disturbing implications. It is believed by scientists that there exists a gene that causes certain women to be predisposed towards motherhood, possessing better nurturing abilities than women who do not. I do not like the implications of this research. If this is true, then, as i discussed in class, there are women who are genetically meant to go into the world of business/politics and become leaders, while others are meant to not even bother and become stay-at-home mothers. It’s like the so-called ‘gay-gene’. it draws barriers between what people can or cannot do based on genetics. it creates new limitations for women, especially those who want to balance their careers with child rearing. It sets boundaries for society – another set of stereotypes, especially if it is proven true. If it is true, then it will only be another long struggle for women attempting to become leaders when they’re superiors are convinced they posses the mommy gene.


  1. Your concerns are valid, but readers please note that so far the research has only been performed on mice. Thus, scientists are considering the implications of this finding for humans, but there is no evidence to support the gene’s existence in human women….yet.

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